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The Grand East Coast From Maine To Florida


From Bar Harbor to Daytona – from leaf peeping to NASCAR and NASA – 40 wondrous days of nothing but one unforgettable experience after another!  That’s what you can expect on Fantasy’s Grand East Coast RV Tour because Fantasy leaves no stone unturned to make sure this RVing experience lives up to its name!


Your tour begins in the quaint little northeastern town of Bar Harbor, ME which boasts one of the most beautifully picturesque harbors in the country.  And, of course, your first meal will be…  A lobsta bake!


And, from there? 


Brilliant autumn foliage colors escort you as you make your way down the northeastern seaboard.  You’ll find yourself standing in total amazement and awe at all the eye-popping colors along the way.


Adore city life?  Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Savannah are all part of this Grand East Coast RV tour.  But, there’s no place on earth like New York City!  The lights at

night on Broadway.  Central Park.  Greenwich Village.  Lincoln Center.


The view from the “Top of the Rock”.  The food in Little Italy.  A Broadway Musical.  And, of cour

a tour of the newly opened Ground Zero Memorial.


There’s just nothing like the clear, crisp autumn days of New England.  While you’re enjoying the harbor tour at Newport, RI, you’ll get to see the summer “cottages” of some of the country’s wealthiest families – including The Breakers, the famous and grand summer retreat of the Vanderbilt family.


Are you somewhat of a history buff?  How does a tour of Colonial Williamsburg, Paul Revere’s home on the Freedom Trail, Gettysburg  National Park, or the Plimouth Plantation – where you’ll find yourself smack dab in the middle of the year 1627 – sound for starters?


The entire east coast is replete with historical site after historical site. But, your tour of the United States’ Capital and the Library of Congress will be at the top of your “most memorable” list.


There’s more!  As you move south, you’ll visit:   Charleston, SC – Where Confederates fired the first shot of the Civil War, Savannah, GA – The colonial capital of Georgia, and   St. Augustine, FL – The oldest city in the USA.  One of the delights of the southern cities is the architecture.  It’s among the best in the country.


The final two days will be spent in Daytona.  The home of NASCAR’s most prestigious race – The Daytona 500.  And, yes… You’ll get a taste of the event as you lunch at the race track’s clubhouse!



As your Grand East Coast RV Tour comes to its finale, your last tour will be of NASA’s Cape Kennedy Space Center.  What a dramatic ending to a such a monumental RV experience!