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Experience Autumn in New England


Autumn in New England is a unique, incomparable symphony of color and patterns.


There’s no doubt about it–If “leaf chasing” is your goal, then New England is your destination.   Hillsides are literally transformed into magnificent, multi-colored blankets of color.  Deep crimsons, rich reds, blazing oranges, and eye-popping yellows! 


Your experience begins in Connecticut.  You’ll journey through all six of New England’s states and alas, you’ll find yourself at the fabulous Niagara Falls.  A truly spectacular finale for this extraordinary 23 day autumn RV tour.


New England is the epicenter of American history and Fantasy takes great pride in providing you with every opportunity to visit historical cities and sites along the way…


Mystic Seaport, the genesis of your RV tour, is an impressive reproduction of an entire 19th century seaside village.  There are more than 60 meticulously restored, original historic buildings and a fleet of historic sailing vessels, several of which are the only survivors of their type in the entire world!  For the next week, you’ll venture up the northeastern Atlantic coastline where Fantasy takes you to numerous historical sites.


What’s your mental image of the Mayflower? After you tour the replica of this famous ship at Plymouth Rock, you’ll have a reborn appreciation of the discoverers of this great land.


“The British are coming!”  Camouflaged by the modern day buildings in Boston are two historic buildings: the Old State House, which is Boston’s oldest surviving public building, and Paul Revere’s home on the Freedom Trail.  And, if you’ve been looking for a unique memento of your New England trip, you might want to consider a reproduction of Paul Revere’s famous Liberty Bowl which was commissioned to celebrate the united front again “taxation without representation”.


No trip to Massachusetts would be complete without a trip to the small affluent summer residential community of Hyannis Port.  But, why not a harbor cruise, a close-up view of the Kennedy’s compound and some scrumptious clam chowder at a harbor side restaurant?


What’s Maine famous for?  Lobster, of course!  And, your trip to Kennebunkport and your fresh Maine lobster feast will remain a favorite of yours for years to come!


Now, it’s time to get serious about fall foliage! 


Your train rides on the North Conway Scenic Valley Railway and White Mountain Cog Railway will give you a grand view of what “Autumn in New England” is all about!  And, your drive along New Hampshire’s Kancamagus Highway (the “Kanc”) will be one of your most memorable drives.  Why?
It’s one of the best locations to view fall foliage in the entire United States!


Where can you find the most covered bridges per square mile in the entire world?  In Vermont and New Hampshire….  So, get your cameras ready.  It’s hard to take a bad picture especially since the backdrop will be a blanket of fabulously colored leaves.


Alas, Niagara Falls…  If you’ve never been to Niagara Falls, you’re in for a jaw-dropping treat!  How good is your geography?  Technically, there isn’t a Niagara Falls water fall…  There are 3 falls:  The American Falls, the Bridal Veil, and The Horseshoe Falls.  They are located at Niagara Falls, NY.  Neither pictures nor words can do this “wonder of the world” justice.   You’ll see why when you ride right up to them on the Maid of the Mist Boat tour!


Ah! Autumn in New Englandhas it all, from “leaf-chasing”, to great dining on“lobsta” and add colonial and revolutionary history plus the intoxicating beauty of Niagara Falls.  What more can we say about a fantastic journey through America’s New England states at the perfect time of the year?  Join us and you’ll see…the tour says it all!


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