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We’re having awesome weather here in SC – we are VERY reluctant to give up summer – so we just work our way southward and cling to September, all
the way down!  Charleston is a beautiful and unique city here in “low-country”. The first shots of the Civil War were fired here.

It has a fantastic array of antebellum architecture.  The restaurants and their wonderful regional cuisine are a very special mix of all things great and beautiful.  There is US military history here too – the USS Yorktown, a massive aircraft-carrier, has been berthed here since 1975: it is an impressive display of Naval might in our defense of Freedom around the world. We had a super guide – took us up to the flight deck and filled us with stories of bravery, great skill and courage. The ability to depart – and LAND these aircraft on this 800 foot carrier – just amazing and inspiring for us all.  We decided we really wanted a group picture on board this amazing ship.

After lunch in the CPO Galley, we spent the afternoon at Boone Hall Plantation – a great visit to the 1700’s/1800’s.  The plantation mansion was exquisite – but our time in the slave “chapel”, school, homes, craft/work shops, was just so impressively revealing.  It was a great day here in SC.  Tomorrow we move on to Savannah, another truly amazing and intriguing city along our Eastern seaboard.